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Company Law basically deals with registering the businesses and managing their operations in best corporate governance practices and this is how within the business entity and outside it, the shareholders, directors, employees, creditors and other stakeholders interact with each other. We at Steerabidance help businesses in understanding the complexities of setting up their businesses and growth strategy and making the businesses understand the advantages and disadvantages of being a private limited company. Private Limited Company registration in India is regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India. Our company law advisory team have expertise not only in assisting in the stages involved in the formation of a company but also in assisting the businesses in managing and growth of the business by following best Corporate compliance management practices.

Stages involved in the formation of a company

Registering a new Company in India involves number of steps and that requires diligence while preparing and filing documents with the company registration authority in India. We have tried to summarize the procedure for registration of company in India in best way. As per Companies Act 2013, new Company can be formed with the following steps;

  • Obtaining Digital Signature of the Subscribers and Directors
  • Filing business name registration in RUN
  • Filing of incorporation documents including obtaining of Director Identification Number (DIN) in one single web based form at Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)
  • Obtaining Registration Certificate from Registrar of Companies (ROC)
  • Opening of Company’s Current Account with the Banks in India
  • Filing of Commencement of Business with the Registrar of Companies (ROC)
  • Filing of Form FC GPR with Authorised Dealer Bank at FIRMS by setting up entity user for induction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Obtaining Acknowledgement Letter from RBI
  • Holding First Board Meeting within 30 days of registration
  • Appointment of Company’s Statutory Auditors with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) within 30 days of registration upto Company’s first Annual General Meeting(AGM)

Changes in key personnel

  • Appointment & Resignation of Directors
  • Appointment of new Directors and their remuneration
  • Appointment of Managing Directors

Annual Filings during the financial year

  • Compliances relating to the meetings of Board of Directors, Shareholders, Creditors etc.
  • Drafting of Director’s Report, Corporate Governance Report, Annual Report
  • Matters related to Investor Grievances
  • Filing of Annual returns with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and related legal documentation
  • Facilitating XBRL filing which is implemented for listed & other eligible corporate
  • Maintenance of Secretarial Records including Minutes and Registers

Ongoing corporate changes in the operations of entity

There are instances where the businesses might require assistance in various event based compliances like Issue of shares, Appointment of Director, etc. Our Company law Advisory team helps the businesses in advising and filing such event based compliance with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Not only we help in filing but also advising the best appropriate action which is beneficial to the businesses as per corporate laws and amendments thereof. Company and Secretarial law issues like,

  • Issue and allotment of shares
  • Alteration in the main objects of the company
  • Changing the name of company
  • Inclusion of new business in the memorandum of the company
  • Increasing or reduction in Share and Authorised Capital
  • Related Party transactions
  • Intercorporate investments and loans
  • Shifting of Registered office within the same city, from one city to another and one state to another
  • Transfer of Shares from and between Indians, NRIs and foreign individuals
  • Conversion of Private Limited Company into LLP
  • Conversion of One Person Company into LLP
  • Conversion of One Person Company into Private Limited Company
  • Maintenance of Secretarial records
  • Filing of Annual Returns
  • Issue of ESOP
  • Buy Back of securities